By invitation or trial only

Elite Squad is coached by Head Coach Frances a Level 4 Womens Artistic coach. This squad trains 10 hours a week training hard for competitions with IGA. It involves determination, conditioning, routines, strength and skills.

Advanced Sqaud is coached by Anna-Belle a Level 3 womans artistic coach and Lara a level 3 womans artistic coach. The gymnasts traing 6 hours a week, the gymnasts will be working hard with conditioning, routine, strength and skills.

Development Squad are coached by Frances L4 WAG and Lara L3 WAG. These Gymnasts train 4 hours a week. 

Mini squad is coached by Georgia Level 2 General  and Sophie Level 2 General. The gymnasts train 2 hours a week. 

Floor and Vault squad  train 6 hours a week preparing routines for IGA levels on just the 2 pieces. This is coached by Anna.-Belle a level 3 womans artistic coach.

Boys squad train 6 hours a week preparing to compete at IGA levels on floor,high bar,vault and p bars. Coahed by Mark level 2 and Frances level 4.

For information about the squads please speak to Claire or Frances. 


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Most of our competitive Squads will be doing the new IGA GEMS competitons starting from January 2024! We are super excited as a club to be doing these competitions!!! This gives the gymnasts a chance to qualify to a National Final!!! 

The GEMS are coached By Frances WAG 4, Lara WAG 3 and Kate GFA 1! 


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GO Follow our instagram Page @harbourside.squad20 for all the uptodate news of competitons and new skill progressions! All our squads work so hard ti achieve their dreams so why not go give them a follow and love their videos!!!

Also our Tiktok page which has over 23K followers!!! Go check us out @harbourside_gymnastics1

A Youtube chanel will soon be on the go so watch this space!!


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